Guest Poem : Jim Woods

I feel the wind in my face.
I see nothing but space, color and light.
I dream.
I drift as the sky carries me away.
I close my eyes and savor the moment.
I feel the warm light against my face.
I am lifted higher.
I begin to soar, up and down, all around.
I drift away as the sky continues to open.
I find even more colors above.
I continue to drift in the heavens.
As I drift towards you.


Jim Woods is a dreamer, writer, and guitar junkie living in Nashville. Jim writes to inspire others to pursue their passions and follow their dreams. You can read Jim's blog at www.unknownjim.com.


Jim Woods said...

Thank you so much for allowing me to share this Bethany! I really appreciate it! 

kati said...

hey jim!  i was checking in to bethany's site, and was delighted to find you here!  we "write practice" junkies are good peop's! :-)

i like the verbs you use here: feel, see, drift, close, soar, find.  very accessible!  it's a meandering poem that brings serenity.

hey i would love to get a critique from you on a piece i posted a couple of days ago on joe's site, http://thewritepractice.com/why-you-need-to-be-writing-empty-headed-dribble/#comment-424159946.  I really appreciated your feedback on my dad letter.

do you tend to write a lot of poem?  or more prose?  i just discovered poetry last year, and i'm already an addict!

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