book·ish : Good Spelling is Sexy

Just a friendly reminder for all you lovers out there : don't forget to spellcheck your valentines.


1. (of a person or way of life) Devoted to reading and studying rather than worldly interests.
2. (of language or writing) Literary in style or allusion.
3. (of art and all manner of lovely things) devoted to the written word as a form of art and as a way of seeing the world.
4. (of SheWritesandRights.blogspot.com) anything of the aforementioned characteristics as they are found on the interwebs and reposted by Bethany, because bookish and writerly things always give reason for amusement.


Sarah (my yellow house) said...

it is sexy! Poor spelling and poor grammar are two of my pet peeves!  
and also important if you're an English major...I once wrote a paper in a senior literature class and throughout entire thing, I used "right" instead of "write."  My professor wrote at the bottom..."I assume you meant to use the verb WRITE!"  It was humiliating but I passed. :)

Bethany Suckrow said...

AH, judge not lest you be judged. I am SO guilty of that, but we all make mistakes. I make mistakes at work and online all the time and don't realize it till it's too late. I die a little every time, lol. 

Melissa Tydell said...

Saw this recently and LOVED it :)

Andrea Beltran said...

Absolutely love this! Thanks. I did the you're/your thing yesterday and died a little too. ;)Sometimes, I type what I'm thinking when trying to sort out the best way to put something and I end up with a jaded sentence!

MoriahEsther said...

This is so funny! Thanks for sharing it

Candice Jenee' said...

This is great! That cartoon made me giggle.

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