Goals for 2012

It's been a month. One month without mom. Without her voice, her touch, her face, her thoughts. I expected to be immovable, stranded on an island of grief and away from the world that I understand. But grief defies expectations, and so does faith. When the two interact, we often find ourselves in unfamiliar territory; rough, but not impossible. 

This is where I find myself, one month into this new chapter of life, this new year where nothing and everything is different. The thing is, for me, the girl that moved away from home nearly seven years ago ne'er to return, my life looks the same in so many ways. But it feels different on the deepest levels. 

And so when I started working through the idea of change, writing this post a couple of weeks ago prompted me to think about tangible ways to embrace that change. I'm not one to make resolutions; I'm usually one to break them. When I have made new year resolutions, February usually marks the end of effort and there's a celebratory burning of the resolution list. I can be just that rebellious against myself. 

But this February is different. I am different.

Maybe it seems inappropriately belated to share a resolution list in February. But life is short. And in one of the last conversations my mom had, she told one of our family members, with clarity and conviction and absolute love, "It's never too late." 

If we're not intentional, time rushes past and most of it is wasted. So I'm sharing with you the goals I have for 2012, the ones that will help me embrace change. Next week I'll share another goal list, my 30 Before 30. Tell me, do you have any goals for 2012? Or goals before you turn a certain age? Now that it's February, how would you rate your progress with those goals?

P E R S O N A L : 

- get a physical (for the first time in 2 years) 
- visit the optometrist and get a new pair of glasses (for the first time in 5 years) 
- visit the dentist (for the first time in 5 years)
- take a bubble bath once per week (this one is going VERY well, I should mention.)
- give myself a weekly manicure (this one has also been a success!)
- read at least 12 books (an average of one per month, but I don't have to finish each one within 30 days)

P R O F E S S I O N A L : 

- redesign blog and/or convert to Wordpress
- double my blog readership 
- contribute 11 guest posts for other blogs (average of one per month from February to December) 
- write and share at least one new poem per month on my blog
- get one article or poem published in an online or print magazine
- create writing portfolio for graduate school and job interviews
- get business cards for my writiting, editing, and art
- create and sell at least 100 paintings through my Etsy shop
- get up early enough to eat breakfast and write for 30 minutes each morning (working on this one, but not quite there yet)

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Camille Aubrey said...

Lovely goals and even lovelier blog you have here :-)

Hugs from your new fan in Paris xx
Camille @ The Wild Fleur

Kevin Sherman said...

Good goals! And measurable :)

Kat could make you some sweeeet letterpress cards. More appropriate for your line of work than mine :-/

Kat Ammann said...


Bethany Suckrow said...

Okay, I'm convinced! ;)

Adriana said...

I'm very sorry for the loss of your mom.May she rest in peace.

Andrea Beltran said...

Eloquent post. I pray you accomplish all of these and more. And I agree with your mom, it is never too late. 

Looking forward to hearing of your many successes in 2012!

I think the bubble bath thing sounds nice, and the one big goal I have for this year is to extend my family from 2 to 3. ;)

Sarah (my yellow house) said...

I have no doubt with an outlook like this and remember your mother's very wise words...you will accomplish all of these goals. Remember, it's the journey. Look at them all like bulletpoints in your life.  
Honestly, I am 40 and if I could turn back time, there would be so many more things I would have accomplished at certain times in my life.  but it never is too late... I need to keep telling myself that also. :)

Good Luck!

j. kaary said...

Just discovered your blog and I gotta say I am so sorry about your mother's passing. I lost a good friend about a month ago and that hit me so hard, I cannot even imagine the pain of having to say goodbye to my mom. And I think February is a great time for goals (January seems like bad luck to me!) As for mine, I'm working on getting some religion and starting a blog of my own. If you'd like check it out at goodgirlgonetatted.blogspot.com :)

Melissa Tydell said...

So excited for you... these are great, inspiring goals!  As for that note about guest posting, my blog is always open to your wonderful writing... let me know if you're interested :)

Sonya Henney said...

Your writing is unbievable. You are so good and your goals are great goals. Keep working on your passions. Your a wonderful young woman

Paris Kim said...

good goals, especially keeping them separated from personal and professional. it's going to be an amazing year ahead for you girl :)

Christopher Johnson said...

If your calendar for contributing hasn't been filled, I'd be more than willing to exchange guest posts. Let me know if you're interested.

Kara said...

I understand how the death of a loved one can change your perspective on life and give you an appreciation for the time we have. 
Your list sounds like the perfect combination of taking care of yourself and working towards your goals.  *hugs*

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