Poem: On Recipes

Standing in the kitchen, stirring sliced apples and brown sugar in pot, a thought came to me and for once I wrote it down. Enjoy.

"On Recipes"

They came from somewhere.
Somebody was talented, creative, and brave enough to TRY.

I start out using them as a crutch,
Get lazy- "I don't have that ingredient- screw it!"
And then I scrounge, dash, pour, stir, and PRAY-
and VOILA!
I make it, I eat it,
My husband tries it (because he loves me, not because he thinks it looks good.)
And we like it, think about ways to make it better next time,
and we don't die of food poisoning,
And we're well fed and live happily ever after for the rest of the evening.

Isn't that like life?
Everybody has their secret recipe for happiness and love-
And so you don't have everything they have- It's okay!
You make do.
Sometimes, you do have to break down and go fetch an ingredient or two-
Something doesn't come from nothing.
(Even Jesus used water to make the wine, you know.)

So, I've just finished making this concoction of deliciousness.
It is warm and wonderful,
And I had no recipe-

So I must be doing something right.