“Writers write about things that other people don’t pay much attention to... A writer’s job is to make the ordinary come alive, to awaken to the specialness of simply being.”
 - Natalie Goldberg 

Pen to paper, word to web, this is a blog about the writing life. My name is Bethany and I'm a full time writer by day, and a blogger and artist by night. I'm also a staff writer for Prodigal Magazine. I started this blog to keep myself motivated as a writer during my waitressing days after college and before full-time employment. As my life has grown and changed, so has my writing.

To my own surprise, I've learned that there is a blessed continuity in writing if we let ourselves just keep writing, even when fear tells us to abandon it. 

Yes, I've finally found the secret to becoming a "real" writer :

the more I write,
the more I want to write.

I hope in reading this blog you will discover the same blessings of creativity, progress and inspiration that I've discovered in writing it. If you're passionate about poetry, literature, writing and life, stick around. Read my words and please, by all means, leave a few of your own. True to my title, I'm writing and righting as I go; your readership and your response are an important part of what I do. Post a comment, send me an email. I'd love to get to know you!

M E,  E L S E W H E R E : 

ABOUT : about.me/bethany.suckrow
EMAIL : shewritesandrights[at]gmail[dot]com 
TWITTER : @writesnrights 


Brooke Gale Luby said...

Hi Bethany! Jim Woods sent me here, he said he knew I'd love your writing, and it's true! I am a freelance writer too, and an aspiring poet. I love that Natalie Goldberg quote. "Writing Down the Bones" has been one of my top inspirations. Keep creating!

Bethany said...

Thanks, Brooke! Always great to meet a fellow writer! Stick around!!

Jamie Kocur said...

Funny... Jim Woods sent me here too! I love your writing so far. Beautifully and hauntingly poetic. I'm working on "honing" my writing a bit and look forward to reading more of your stuff for some inspiration!

(And I also love Writing Down the Bones! :) )

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