Poem : Saturday

Yes, I suppose I've stayed in bed too long,
till noon,
tangling myself between sheets,
roaming the untouched corners of my mind
while my head is held comforted
by pillows.
It's the only way,
these lazy Saturdays,
while the white noise of neighbors' water runs
and planes of busy people
fly high above me.
At the peak of daytime, I am only just beginning;
better that I make this transition
than rush myself through
taking note of nothing.
Run along without me.
Let me savor sleep
and hold myself
in the quietness of simply being.


Kara said...

This sound luxurious!  And it makes me a more than a little nostalgic for my youth, when such a thing was still possible.

Anna T. said...

This makes me remember mornings at JU... thanks for letting us into your talent! :D Anna

MoriahEsther said...

Man, a poem like this makes me wish that my little 2 year old would cherish lazy days.  But he is a go getter every morning - he wakes up talking about what he fell asleep talking about!  Nice poem Bethany, relish those mornings.

Andrea Beltran said...

Nice capture of "simply being." Funny because I think we are on similar paths of thinking this weekend. I just finished up an essay about our resistance to be content in the present, in just "being." Enjoy. :)

Sarah (my yellow house) said...

"run along without me" is my favorite line.  This is a wonderful poem...it's exactly what I'm going to feel tomorrow when I have no expectations of myself except to 'simply be."

I really enjoy reading your poems and all your honest and thoughtful words ~
Sarah xo

Jessica K. Sullivan said...

Beautiful Bethany. I can identify with this:)

kati said...

so visceral...the tangling, the untouched corners, the pillow comforting your head.  

what a treasure, this chance to make a slow transition.  if only life was as generous as a sleepy Saturday morning!

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