New Year's Re(v)olution

Christmas is already over, and I am a little sad. It is the most wonderful time of year, despite how out of the ordinary this particular Christmas was for me as a newly-wed and a former student that no longer gets a guaranteed four-week vacation. Matt and I managed to slide (quite literally; the weather was blustery and wet) into my home town just after midnight on Christmas Eve. We spent a whole three days eating, laughing, and giving and opening gifts with my family. I realize that each Christmas is a time to celebrate the way God has provided not only His Son and my Salvation, but the blessings and changes and challenges of this year.

Maybe it is the cycle of death and rebirth in the changing of the seasons that reminds me each new winter what my life has harvested recently. Just as the tree in our backyard grows leaves and fruit and sheds it's layers and then hibernates for winter, so do our lives to an extent. Each year we're a little bit stronger and taller than before, maybe a little weathered, but all the more beautiful.

Now that Christmas is over and 2010 is waiting for us at the end of this week, I have been contemplating what the new year will bring.

Here is my list of resolutions :
2. Lose 20 lbs. (No scoffing, please.)
3. Be more financially efficient in 3 easy steps: a) pay all bills on time. b) do not overdraft on any account, ever again. c) be financially trustworthy to my husband.
4. Exercise 3 times a week.
5. Make a 3-year plan for attending and completing graduate school. (Preferably at DePaul's Writing & Publishing MA Program.)
6. Finish the writing projects that I start. (This is vague on purpose; I apologize.)
7. Move out of my in-law's house by August 1st, 2010. (I'm thinking realistic, long-term, and no pressure.)
8. Eat at home 5 nights per week.
9. Earn and save at least $1,000 for an emergency fund.
10. Blog at least 4 times per week here!
With 3 days left to cushion my pride before entering the new year, I believe that these are realistic goals. A month from now I may disagree, but I want the trajectory of my life to be full of growth and ambition this year. I'm not attempting to build a mansion, but I am attempting to build a sanctuary, a place of security, serenity, and peace. The only solid foundation I have to stand on is my faith.

So, good-bye Christmas.

And God, I am thankful that your comfort, joy and peace reside in my heart year-round. Please bless this new season and help me to achieve my goals with the talent, passion, wisdom and knowledge that You have given me.