Poem : Ebb and Flow.

The complex fairness of it, and its paradox.
Fair, because she doted on me my whole life :
Swaddled, nourished, comforted, encouraged.
It’s her turn now.

But how unfair, that she should be weakened, helpless.
Her strength ebbs away, just out of reach for her, 

for any of us, to grasp. 
It’s the thing I cannot give her.

Where is the dignity?
All our lives we’ve struggled to find it.
It will be snatched away.
It will leave her lifeless in her child’s arms,
our world turned backwards.

The ebb and flow,
of fair and unfair,
of grief and joy,
of life and death,
of strange and familiar,
wears me down to nothing,
a smooth round stone for throwing. 

[Written : 12.20.11]


sarahkocischeilz said...

Such beautiful words here! Really enjoyed the paradoxes you've painted. Glad I found your blog today! 

Hindi SMS said...

+1 for u

ramadan messages said...

 that is true and it is the memories of the wonderful times you had with
your mom that will help you go forward which is what your mom would want
for you.

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