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I've fallen in love.

It started innocently enough... A friend introduced me to him at a Starbucks on a rainy day. We acquainted ourselves over London Fog latt├ęs, and now the more I get to know him the more I realize I cannot live without him. His name, you ask? 

Earl Grey. 

There's just something about his flavor and scent, a citrusy fog that is musky and deep like the best kind of cologne, that brings all of life to a low hum. In his presence I find myself unwound, loose and swoony and deeply content in the way that only a dashing British gentleman can do to a girl.

This love affair has gotten out of hand, but like any true romance, it's a helplessness I enjoy. My best friend further enabled this relationship by making an Earl Grey Panna Cotta for dessert last night... yes, the best tea in the world transformed into creamy spoonfuls that are even more satisfying than the best tiramisu you can imagine, the epitome of relaxation and luxury. 

And on a rainy snowy afternoon at the end of the week, what could be better than a cup of Earl Grey and a good read? Treat yourself... 

Authenticity online : on abs and imperfections and the worst two months ever. (Love these women.)


Kara said...

This we share in common, and I am actually drinking an Earl Grey as I'm reading this.  But an Earl Grey Panna Cotta?  Now that's something I'd like to try. 

Paris Kim said...

Earl Grey.. absolutely my favorite, the best to come home to at the end of the day. funny you should write this love letter to Sir Grey because i wrote something about him in my writing journal, something like "how kind of you sir to bring the sugar too" haha but wow the Panna Cotta looks delicious!

MoriahEsther said...

You should try Lady Grey from Twinings. Truly a beautiful couple!

Andrea Beltran said...

Yes, Lady Grey from Twinings is my new love! Started a cup a night last week. And that Panna Cotta is making my mouth water! 

sam said...

I'd never been one for Earl Gray, until I worked at this little french restaurant and the loose tea we used had the tiniest tiniest blue flowers in it. Since then the complexity of the smell - the way it's earthy and floral all on its own - has always gotten to me. 

I adore the way you describe it Bethany. "a kind of cologne" ... yes, exactly.  

p.s. I'm so humbled, and excited by your mention of my little love post.

Bethany Suckrow said...

Always love your little reflections on life, Sam, so it's my pleasure to include your stuff so often. Like you I never thought I'd like Earl Gray, but it definitely was that complex scent that drew me in, and the way that its latte form totally warms me from the inside out. It wooed me into love. :)

Bethany Suckrow said...

Tried Lady Grey the other day, per your suggestion! Truly lovely. :)

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