Thoughts in Recent Weeks and Days

Writing thoughts as they come to me randomly is better than giving up half way through a post because I'm too tired...

1) This weather is a blessing, but goodness is it warm up here.

2) I have an overwhelming urge to travel.

3) I performed an old Oral Interpretation script today for a bunch of senior citizens, and it made me miss school and wonder if I might actually be good at public speaking.

4) Oh the monotony.

5) Best feeling all week: driving, windows down, jamming to "Spaceman" by the Dave Matthews Band.

6) I'm fascinated by how many aspiring writers are on Twitter tweeting about wanting to write.

7) One of my favorite authors, Shauna Niequist, is about to publish her new book, Bittersweet. She revealed the new cover today and it looks delectable!

8) At a time when I'm supposed to be branching out in social media, I kind of just want to keep it as private as possible.

9) Wondering what angle to take with this memoir with mom. What about our story will resonate with publishers and readers to make it stand out?

10) Can't believe I've been done with college for almost a year.

11) Wants to spend the whole day painting on Saturday.

12) So happy that Mom is doing well so far with chemo.

13) Thankful for love, redemption, and renewal.

14) I want to take advantage of all the best aspects of this Chicago summer...

15) Needs a good book to read ASAP.

Add your thoughts as they come to you.