Guest Post | "When You Can't Unbreak the Plate."

Today I'm guest posting over on Lore Furgeson's blog Sayable. Have you gotten to know Lore yet?  She's a great writer, designer, and all around wonderful and generous soul. She's doing a brave thing and taking the entire month of May as a vacation away from the internet. Could you, could any of us, go a whole month without it?! I think the only way I could follow through with that is if I were stranded in the middle of nowhere. 

Anyway, in her absence she has enlisted a group of her favorite bloggers to share their writing to keep her blog alive, and I am honored to be counted among them. So here's my brief story on grace, "When You Can't Unbreak the Plate."

P.S. My guest post archives, if you're interested. 


Melissa said...

Great post.  It's the little moments that can bring everything to the surface... you did a wonderful job describing how emotions can boil over when something small and unrelated happens.

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