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Everything has sprung anew. The magnolias and forsythias have bloomed, their branches reaching happily towards sunlight. My heart has warmed with their vibrance, too. I can hardly believe that we sleep with windows open and walk around in shorts and tank tops in March in the Midwest. 

Each year I’m always relieved that the miracle of spring has happened again, because I’m always a little afraid it won’t. Sometimes those weeks between late January and early March feel so cold, so dead that I lose faith that the world will thaw and thrive again. 

It did. It always does. 

A few good reads from around the web this week : 

In brief, beautiful bloom. (An old NPR story that still brings tears to my eyes.)



Melissa said...

Thanks for the link :)  Happy weekend!

Hila said...

Oh thanks, I'm flattered to be on this list!

Amy Card said...

Hi there, I'm new here and just wanted to say how much I enjoy your writing (will be going back through old posts in due course, no doubt..). Thanks for sharing the links, I always get unbelievably excited to see the sun put his hat on again. Here's to Spring!

Andrea Beltran said...

Lovely post! I'm going to open a window! Looking forward to reading "In brief, beautiful bloom."

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