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Le sigh. I just drove my best friend to O'Hare so that she can catch her plane to Paris for an international pastry-making competition. I die of jealousy, but I've had my turn already, nearly four years ago. It's her first time traveling internationally, so I'm happy for her. I'll go back someday, right? Right.

Meantime, I sit in the quiet of my little apartment in the Chicago suburbs as the sky begins to fall in big white chunks - a late winter snow storm that I could do without. I hate the Midwest in March for the hangover-like feeling it leaves on dreary afternoons and its unpredictable swings in climate. It was fifty degrees and sunny only two days ago. I'm ready to bare my legs in a gauzy dress and go without a jacket and feel sun on bare skin and sit outside on my porch late at night.

For now, I guess I should use it an excuse to brew an extra mug of earl grey and settle in with my current read. Yes, that sounds like a good idea... Happy weekend, loves. 

There are few things in life as romantic as dating your spouse

Not Heaven someday, when we get there, but right now, right here

Praise God for transition.

Beautiful words about my favorite city

Doesn't this book look like a juicy read?

Then trying to get back in... which makes me want to read this book



Melissa Tydell said...

I read A Cup of Jo's post yesterday and just loved it.  And "The Marriage Plot" has been on my "to read" stack for awhile... once school calms down, I plan to dive in.  Happy weekend!

Chelsea Brown said...

So glad I stumbled across your blog! Can't wait to read more... :)

Sam said...

the Carver poem (on Ill Seen Ill Said) was so beautiful. I read it on Saturday night with a glass of wine, and immediately opened my notebook afterwards. A great recommendation, Bethany. 

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