Choosing to Live

"I chose to live like I was living with cancer instead of dying from it." - My Mom.


Sarah said...

She sounds like a very inspiring woman. Not so many people can find the beauty of life in the midst of a horrible crisis. Best wishes to her ~

Tom Paine said...

People react in different ways. Some get right into cancer, making new friends of fellow-sufferers and going to special centres or joining groups. If it helps them, that's fine. Fellow-sufferers won't run away, like those weaker friends who almost seem to think it's infectious, so assiduously do they not show up - until the funeral. 

My wife, who died of breast cancer two months ago, decided to stick with her family and those of her friends who could hack it. She got as much of her normal life as she could in between all the medical palaver. Any day, any hour, that was as it would have been without the cancer was a joy to her.

She said she did not want her cancer to define her; "it's my disease, it's not me." I guess that's what your mom was striving for too. It takes a lot of strength. I admire her for it.

Bethany Suckrow said...

Yes, it's a personal experience for everyone, one that no one can tell you how to do "right." Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Tom. My thoughts and prayers are with you in the loss of your wife. 

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