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It's the beginning of October. It's a time for cider, bonfires, comfort food, sweaters and boots. And it's time for The Time Traveler's Wife. I've told you before about my obsession with this novel, but here I am. I'm about to pull it off my shelf, crack it open, fall in love with it all over again.

I can't explain it, but something about fall reminds me of this book and makes me want to read it, so I've made a tradition of it. Perhaps it's because the first time I read it, it was fall. Perhaps it's because the novel begins with a beautiful October day in Chicago, much like the one I'm enjoying today. Perhaps it's the symmetry bittersweetness of golden leaves as they fall to the ground and the colorful, heartrending love story of Henry DeTamble and Clare Abshire that commands me: stop. read. relish.

So if you haven't read it, now would be a wonderful time to start.

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If you can narrow it down to just one, what is your favorite book? Do you have a book that you read over and over again? Do you reread a certain book at a certain time of year? Am I crazy?



1. (of a person or way of life) Devoted to reading and studying rather than worldly interests.
2. (of language or writing) Literary in style or allusion.
3. (of art and all manner of lovely things) devoted to the written word as a form of art and as a way of seeing the world.
4. (of SheWritesandRights.blogspot.com) anything of the aforementioned characteristics as they are found on the interwebs and reposted by Bethany, because bookish and writerly things always give reason for amusement.


TGL said...

I remember this book. It was indeed a good one. An entirely delightful concept :) I'll never forget the end of it.

Heather @ Between the Covers said...

I haven't read this, but it's on my list of books I'd like to read in the future. Every Spring I re-read Walden by Thoreau. It is one of my favorites, and it is a good book to read when the earth is starting to come back to life after a long Winter.

missaharpist said...

I *love* To Kill A Mockingbird- it's such a beautifully written story! I rea it anytime I need a pick-me-up! Am slightly smitten with Atticus :D

sam said...

Bethany, it's official : we have twin taste in books. This book struck me so much. I think of it often. especially when I feel that I'm waiting for something I know in my heart is out there ... but I don't know when it will come

Lizzie said...

My favorite book is undoubtedly Jane Erye. It has all the perfect elements: a gothic setting, a secret, intrigue, romance, and Mr. Rochester, of course! And every time I'm in need of inspiration before writing, I read stories by William Trevor. I'll have to check out this book.

eloranicole said...

east of eden. usually in the spring. 

Bethany Suckrow said...

That's a goood one! Love that book.

Bethany Suckrow said...

uh, yes. I knew as soon as I started reading History of Love (which you've mentioned more than once) that we had to have similar taste in books. Now it's official! 

Beth said...

I read The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury in the fall for several years. Have been meaning to reread it ever since!
I don't have a favorite book--I can't choose, try as I may...

Rachel Hanson said...

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. Only read it once, but every winter I want to go back. :)

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