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Writing my guest post for Ally this week really got me thinking about relationships. Not just marriage, but all relationships - to people, to art, to work, to a habit, to an idea. We commit ourselves to a variety of different things, in word and in deed, on a daily basis. Don't you think? And if you really think about it, your actions, your schedule, speak volumes about what you care about most. If you're looking back on this week and thinking, hmm... that's not what I want to be committed to, then you're not the only one.

You may be tempted to spend your weekend as a continuation of your work week, scrambling like mad to finish a project.


You may be tempted to avoid any form of work all together and park yourself in front of your television.


You may be tempted to cling to the period of your life when things felt so much easier than they do right now, when you were a carefree college kid without any real responsibilities.


Put down your smart phone.

Step away from your inbox.

Turn off the TV.

Let go of the if-onlys and the I-wish-I-weres.

Read a few of these links and be inspired to commit yourself to something good. A healthy relationship. A life full of adventure. A habit of learning and going and doing.


She's Married to Amazement.

I love this quote from Darrell about seeking direction versus wisdom:

"I can seek direction which is circumstantial, or seek the wisdom that will help direct my actions in all circumstances."

Possibly the most romantic stay-in date that I've heard of in a long time.

Rob asks the question: what's more important, a happy story or one that evokes strong emotion, even if it's depressing?

Commit to story. It's A Matter of Life and Death.

Confession: I'm an NPR addict. [Like you didn't already know that...] This story, like so many that I hear on a daily basis, had me in tears and reminded me of this post I wrote a few months back.

So what are you committing to this weekend, and what are you letting go of?

Happy Friday, friends. [And happy fall.]


Helena said...

Awesome post! Just what I needed to read today! ...and now I'm off to read the links!

(also, that picture is gorgeous - I love Fall trees)

Stephanie S. Smith said...

Thanks for this challenge. Amazing how tired we often are yet how addicted we are to work, still refusing to put it all down for something even better. Today--husband and I unplugged and went apple picking :) It's been a beautiful day.

Shawndra Russell said...

Quick comment regarding Rob's question: Definitely more important to evoke strong emotion of any type in my opinion! I judge a story based on if it makes me laugh, cry, get angry, and just have a strong reaction in general while also making me reflect on my own life and emotions. Looking forward to reading the links, and thank you for emphasizing how we are connected to so many things and most importantly, deserve to have a good relationship with OURSELVES!

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