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It's Friday. [And the peasants rejoiced!] I'm feeling a little wilted, unlike the photo above. This week has been out of sorts with an undecided, in-transition, what's-going-on, how-do-we-do-this office move at work, a bee infestation in my apartment bedroom window that forced my husband and I to set up camp in the middle of our living room so as not to find ourselves exterminated, and a car that's on it's last life and my last nerve. To add to it, my mom is still in the hospital [since Tuesday, August 16] and doctors are still trying to figure out the best way to, well... make it possible for her to be healthy outside of it? It's hard and painful to explain. 

Needless to say, I'm tired. I find life exhausting at the moment. Might explain the dream I had Wednesday night and the lack of personal writing and posting around here recently. My head [and my heart] can't decide if now is the best time to write [time? what time?] or if I am understandably excused from adding that to my to-do list [if not now, then when?]

My soul is surviving on small increments of rest, grace and joy, wherever I can find them. Tomorrow, a group of my favorite girls and I are going to enjoy a day in Southern Michigan tasting wine at local vineyards, snatching up local produce, and surveying what promises to another beautiful sunset like this one

I know that this is another week of the last several where I've complained about "my lot" in life. I'm well aware that I am blessed, that I am healthy, that I am capable, and that many many many other people in the world are not for a variety of reasons. But on the other hand, this space is not an escape for me. It's a place where I can express my thoughts and feelings and opinions and experiences freely like I can't anywhere else. So if you're feeling a little wilted or trampled, or you have been but are now feeling rejuvenated, feel free to share your thoughts. The company is welcome.

Until then, here are a few delightful posts from around the interwebs: 

Mandy wrote an encouraging post for me this week about the importance of traveling and finding a job you're passionate about. That alone is inspiring, but she emailed me today to tell me: she got the job she mentioned in the post writing for a travel magazine! Congrats, Mandy! 

Nothing could ruffle her, and that's why we loved her.

How do you relate? Paintings versus photographs versus blogs versus life. 

I really love this blog. Decadent photos and beautiful words. 

Eight secrets writers won't tell you. 

Image found here. The flowers are gorgeous, but of course, I'm loving the bookshelves behind it, too.

And finally, this girl is going to share her snark, wit and good grammar with us next week. I'm excited! She started a new series this week, Fat Tuesday, that I'm already addicted to. 

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope it's a good one, friends. 


Helena said...

I love your honesty in this post - writing things like this can be cathartic for the writer and so helpful for other people in the same boat! I love the word "wilted" when applied to people - that's completely how I felt this week!

Mandy said...

Thank you Bethany! I appreciate the support!

Melissa said...

I think I am feeling a version of what you are... and then having a sense of guilt because I am healthy, safe, and have plenty of wonderful things going on in life. I'm trying to focus on the positive :) (Michigan, wine, girlfriends, and a sunset sound amazing!)

alli/hooray said...

Very timely post. Our Pastor talked about dealing with hardships just this morning, on how Job lost everything and cried out in anger to God... but God told Job that we will never understand all the wonders of His creation and therefore His plan for us. I struggle with looking at all the good during difficult times, so I admire your positivity despite some really tough issues with your mom's health, as well as downright annoying things (bees? ugh). I really appreciate your honesty (and bravery) in your writing.

Anonymous said...

It's the hard or tough times that help us appreciate what's good in the world. Our characters and souls are forged not cast and God knows hammering is good for us; test our mettle. As Ali/Hooray mentioned Job I'd agree with her. God allows Satan to test Job and ultimately God tells Job that human kind may not question God's decisions; this leads us to hold on to faith in God in the end. In spite of all that makes us sad, or angry or 'wilted', as you so beautifully put it, if we are able to trust in God he will love and protect us, though it may only become clear that he had done so for us at a later date, when time reveals things that make sense of the past.
I'm following your blog now as I think you have great wisdom; perhaps this harsh time for you is God teaching you strength or perhaps those forces that oppose God are trying to grate away at your faith, either way following the cross yields grace for the follower and surely of all people that will be yours. God bless you and yours & I will keep in you in my daily prayers, along with your mother.

rebecca said...

love these links!

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