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Happy weekend, dear readers. I figured I'd follow up yesterday's slightly crazed post with a simple one and wish you a good weekend.

Here are a few good thoughts I found around the web this week:

I've been following Jessica Quirk of What I Wore for awhile now. Aside from the fact that she's dang cute and talented, her blog continues to be an example of how to encourage personal style. Her post today about fashion norms really got me thinking about what motivates my style.

You ARE the perfect age to chase YOUR dream. It may be hard to make that choice, but it's better to make the change than to look back on your life in regret.

And finally, In Brief, Beautiful Bloom. A heartbreaking reflection on the symbolism behind the Japanese cherry blossom. 

Next week you'll get a couple of good posts out of me, I have a feeling. Check back for a poem draft and post on the 5 things that have made me a writer (as if I can narrow it down to only 5...)


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