The Battle.

I'm no ballerina, but when it comes to writing and blogging (and all creative things), there are days when I feel a little like this:

But here's a great pep talk from Jon Acuff about the struggles of blogging.

And so, my inspirational thought for you today is that anything worth doing is never easy.

(1500 plastic army men, via Adam Katz of design work life.)

On an entirely different note, I've started using BlogLovin' and I'm excited to gather all my favorites in one place, because there are many. Follow my blog with bloglovin.

Also, do you follow me on Twitter? Do I follow you? No? Let's be tweeps!

Happy Monday, friends. Here's to a good week.


Adriana said...

Happy Monday to you too!Cheers:)

On a side note:I'm fighting a similar battle towards betterment right now(actually from quite awhile) and I can confirm that it takes time.It's a long battle,because it's not an easy battle.And even though this seems quite an intuitive remark, I know that for many it's not.I'm surprised each day, how many older people,from around me, don't know/understand this.

Lisa said...

That was some solid advice from Jon. I also get so down on my own blog if I feel that people aren't commenting as much or, if I don't have as many views as the same person who has been blogging for years. Silly Me. I'm sure at one point they had only a handful of comments too!
Let's keep on battling. There is much to be said, and I believe that writing is a most precious gift from the Father.

Bethany Suckrow said...

Thanks, Lisa and Adriana! I appreciate your support. Lisa, I absolutely agree with you - writing is such a precious gift from Him.

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