A Wager and the Weather.

What are the odds that things will turn out as planned?

What are the odds that things will go our way, just this once?

How much do you want to bet that the person who said they would call or lend a hand or fulfill their promise will flake out?

Is it possible that the weatherman's blizzard predictions will be right this time?

Why are we not surprised to wake up the morning after a blizzard and realize that the plowman, in the midst of white-out conditions, did in fact hit your car last night?

And so I often wonder if I would make more money by betting against my own life than I would investing in it.

Despite that, I'm still probably the only person left in the Midwest that can honestly say that I love snow. Right now it's snowing my favorite kind of snow - giant, fluffy flakes that hang heavy on tree branches and window sills and cover the world in a blanket of quiet.

There's the snow that leaves you with the peaceful, quiet, contented feeling.

And there's the snow that reminds you : the world, nature, the environment is a force to be reckoned with.

Either way, it's not in my control. There's a time and a season for both. With that in mind, I'm dropping all of my predictions, expectations and disappointments. I'm just trying to heed the warnings and avoid getting caught in the midst of it.


Unknown said...

Small world! I live in Lansing and have a few Charlotte friends! You know Ian Bennett or Chad Behl? I used to work with Chad. I'm originally from the small town of Ravenna, near Grand Rapids and Muskegon.

Bethany said...

I graduated with both of them! Although, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't remember me. I don't think we ever had a class together and I was the shy girl that didn't hang around their group much because we had different interests. I wasn't in sports and I know they were.

Anyway, I live in Chicago now and I'm married, but I'm home once in awhile. (My maiden name was Droscha.) They might remember a couple of my cousins, Whitney and Kaelyn, more.

Great to meet another blogger from my home state. I don't seem to find a lot of them... At least not good ones. ;)

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