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It's late and I'm exhausted. I am soul tired and bone tired and trying hard to grasp onto the good things and face reality, such as it is. Mom sleeps next to me, here in our own quiet room of a fifth floor oncology wing. For a few hours this evening she was coherent, ate a small bowl of soup and her headache was gone, her fever was down, her levels looked good. A glimmer of hope.

I don't know what to think about anything. I don't have a lot of words to say. And for the first time in a month, I don't have a paintbrush in my hand.

I have memories, good ones. I have prayers. I have a whole host of angels that call, text, tweet, message, and show up live and in person to love on us and ease the pain. And I have these little links of happiness that have made hard days a little brighter. I hope you enjoy them as I have. If you found a good link this week, do share.




Lovers see like artists do.

Unearth your story.

And a random comfy chair I'd love to curl up in right about now.


CaJoh said...

Glad to hear that she is improving. Glad to know that you have many angels who send their thoughts and prayers to you and help you through your challenging times.

TGL said...

Thinking of you Beth. Sending thoughts and prayers and hugs to you. Silence is many things, comfort on occasion. Know that we hear the words you speak even in the silence. You are in my heart, friend.

A. Smith said...

Sending positive thoughts your way Bethany.

Not sure what kind of links you were looking for... but the one below put me a great mood and made me laugh! =) 


Bethany Suckrow said...


Lori said...

Bethany.....you are filling my heart!  I love your words, and how profoundly simple you are able to share them.  Give your Mom a big hug for me!!!!!  God's Blessings....

Adriana said...

Oh...how I understand your anxiety.

I don't even know how do you have the strength to post anything...You both stay strong.Love.

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