Less is More.

The less I watch T.V., the more I read, write, think, create
and do. 

The less takeout I eat, the more I enjoy cooking, eating and
being healthy. 

The less I spend, the more I save. Time, energy, worry, money
and future. 

The less negative tweets and statuses I read or write,
the more positive engagement I consume and share. 

The less I sleep in, the more I get done in a given day. 

The less I dwell and fret, the more grateful and motivated I feel. 

The less I freak, the more I pray. 

The less I scurry, the more I achieve. 

The less I schedule, the more present I am. 

The less I argue, the more I understand. 

The less of me, the more of You. 

I'm just trying to make space. 


Moneypenny said...

That is lovely said ! ;)

Adriana said...

Hear ya,hear ya...
Beautifully said.

Melissa said...

What a great reminder. This post made me pause and take a breath in the middle of my crazy week...

Abigail Smith said...

Poetic and true. =)

Robert said...

"The less I argue, the more I understand."

I like that a lot. Nice.

Unknown said...

very nice.

what's interesting is that the less and the more is different for everyone. we all unbalance in unique ways.

Melissa Blake said...

This is so true! I need to start doing lots of these things!

Maggie May said...

Making space here, too :)

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