Notice Anything Different?

I have a new header for my blog! I AM SO EXCITED I can hardly contain myself. I want to dance, sing, feast and hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for it. Over dramatic, you say? Not in the least. I've been dreaming up plans for new features on my blogs for awhile (months) and feature by feature, step by step, plan by plan, my dreams for this space are coming to fruition. This is what happens when you pursue your dreams, people. Excitement and inspiration cannot be contained.

The design was sketched by myself, and the swirls and "& Rights" pieces are in my own handwriting, but the full layout* was created courtesy of my dear friend Kat of Cheshire Kat. I'll be creating a post about her and some of the other awesome things she's created over the weekend, so stay tuned!

*The font for this post was taken from dafont.com


Adriana said...

I'm living vicariously through you!:)
Your header is a nice touch to the blog.

Bob Bittner said...

I like the new header. . . but, frankly, I never saw the old one. I follow blogs on Google Reader and with the Reeder app on my iPad, both of which completely strip out the header -- including this new one. (I specifically came to the site now to see what you were talking about.) Before you take on any bigger design changes, it might be worth asking how many people will even see them...?

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love it! I love the swirls and the contrast between the fluid lines and scratchiness.

I also really like your use of a monospace font for your body text. It's very writerly and makes me think of typewriters =)

If you're ever looking for a different monospace, my fav is Inconsolata: http://www.levien.com/type/myfonts/inconsolata.html

Bethany said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, friends!
Robert, you have a good point. I guess I haven't really taken into account the people that use devices like iPad apps and Google readers that don't see the design. I appreciate that perspective.
I've written before about how my perception as a blogger is often, "if only I have this new feature, or that new look, or a better design, etc" but that the reality is that artists are often more sensitive to their work's appearance than their audience is.
I guess the thing I really love as a blog reader is the ability to incorporate mixed media - the visual elements of design, photography and video in addition to what I write. So for the people that are obsessed with that kind of thing like I am, I'm trying to give them the visual interest to keep visiting my blog. It's a "grab them above the fold" approach. Know what I mean?

alli/hooray said...

It looks great! I love the balance of type and illustration.
And just because some people follow in a reader shouldn't stop a blogger from making updates to the look of their site. Besides, people visit the actual site first before deciding to subscribe :)

Andrea Stevenson said...

I just found your blog -so I never saw your header, but the new one definitely caught my eye as soon as I opened your blog. It's gorgeous and I love that you incorporated your own handwriting. Lovely


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