Write, Right...

I want to write and I want to do it right. I’ve had a few personal blogs in my time, but as a recent college grad with no job prospects but a desperate desire to keep writing, I want to give this a serious shot. I have every intention of making this a body of work, an example of my aspirations, my growth, and my potential. Bear with me as I try to get and keep a day job. I may suck one day and succeed another, but I am trying to hone my writing skills outside of the boundaries of school.

Feedback is welcome- spelling, grammar, punctuation, tone, direction, etc.


Unknown said...

Hey there!

Another writer eh? :)

I am the news reporter for http://www.planetdiablo.com (I'm "thecowking") and I also have my own blog! http://www.purepandemonium.com

(Not to plug my work or anything, I just want you to see what I am doing!) :)

I'm excited to see what you will be writing about!

-Phil Cook

Kevin said...

I appreciate that you use white text with a black background. SOOOOO much easier to read. Or maybe that is just because I work in AutoCAD most of the day :-).

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