Prodigal : "On Crying in Church Bathrooms."

Today on Prodigal Mag, I share about faith, grief, and whether or not going to church is worth it. It's the  first post in our two-week series, "Why Church?" 

This article was harder to write than most, so I appreciate your support and it would mean the world to me if you would share your thoughts on church, and why you do or don't attend. Here's a snippet from my article :
"A throng of people are making their way to the alter, but I'm running to the bathroom. Once I'm safe in the stall I let my tears flow freely. I hear a toilet flush and the sink run, the crank of the paper towel dispenser. I hold my breath as heels click across tile. The door bangs against the jam and then silence. I'm relieved; I just want to be left alone. In the silence I beg God quietly, Why?"  - Read more here.  

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Kim Bookless said...

Bethany,Such a beautiful piece, Bethany. Your pain and emotion suffuse it and make me wish I could say something, anything, that would make you feel even a little better. I applaud you for walking away from a pastor who tried to lay responsibility for your beloved mom’s death at your feet. Surely this is not the role of faith. I’m glad you felt some peace at your friend’s church, and I hope you find what you’re looking for.Kim

Ted Schnell said...

Well said, Bethany.

We need to be in church regularly -- not as a ritual, not because our salvation depends upon it, but because God wants us there. Largely, I think, it is relational -- if we cannot learn to build and be a part of healthy relationships within the body of Christ, what kind of relationship can we hope to have with our Lord and Savior?

Another reason I believe we need to be in church and be a part of those relationships is that it teaches us to be accountable to our God and to hold others in the body accountable, as well.

Other reasons include hearing the message, of course, and gathering as a community to worship our God and King, giving him undivided attention and lavishing our worship and praise upon Him.

In the meantime, as you have demonstrated in your writing, we also must be diligent and attentive. If the message we hear during a Sunday morning worship strikes us as flawed, we must question it, challenge it. And, if our questions or challenges are ignored or otherwise go unanswered, then perhaps it is time to seek out another place where we can join in worship without fear of being misled or manipulated.

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