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Meet Sue, the famous dino from the Field Museum! Isn't she gorgeous? 

Actually, as my brother and I walked past her on our visit last weekend, my first thought was that she bears a remarkable resemblance to my face before I've had coffee in the morning. 

Just kidding... 

Honestly though, this may resemble my facial expression at the office every day this week after working for hours on the press release to end all press releases, and after reading a snippy email. 

And this may resemble my reaction last night after glancing at Facebook right before bed and seeing a really nasty status and subsequent conversation thread about someone else between two rather oblivious "friends." My response was rather explosive. 

Today I'm nursing what I've come to recognize as an anger hangover. It's not pretty.

And so I'm just going to be honest with myself, with you, with everyone who might ever fall victim to my wrath and insecurity. 

Sometimes I am not a nice person. 

Sometimes I handle things badly. 

Sometimes I tweet my problems. 

Sometimes I need to suck it up and deal. 

Forgive me? 

Meantime, here are some encouraging links for your perusal. Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

"To be with your truth while being with other sacred, courageous pilgrims..." - On Not Being Alone.

A few thoughts on writing from one of my favorite authors ever.

Can I just have Jess answer all my emails from here on out?

What are your happiest moments?



TGL said...

Happiest? Why, that's easy. They always involve doing something I love and being with someone I love. And when the two combine, that's a winner!

Rachel Hanson said...

I just went through an anger hangover the other day - hang in there! And yup, you're forgiven. :)

Jim Woods said...

The Field Museum is fun. Great picture! 

Timothy Snyder said...

My happiest moments are when someone reads something of mine and says it was exactly what they needed to hear or it made their day.  I love making people's days.

Christopher Johnson said...

I like that term "anger hangover". I think that it is hard for some people to believe that there is more to a person than one dimension. You can't always be "on" and people will have to know that you have to take the good with the bad. If your wrath is ever focused my way, I will always forgive you.

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