Poem : Life, Written.

I wish to write my life in essay form, 
answers to all your questions carefully crafted,

for when I am asked off the cuff for favorite films, 

I fumble and stutter like I've been caught, asked,
why did I lie about getting my homework done in fifth grade, 
when instead I spent the afternoon reading Judy Blume?
I say nothing that I meant to;
I land on comedy of all things, 
I forget about the dramatic scenes that bring tears to my eyes,
the running reel 
of what I really meant to mention.

And don't ask me why it made more sense to purchase drive-thru

Starbucks this morning,
rather than wait five minutes for the french press at home. 
I'm a walking contradiction, I know,

So let me write it all down for you.

Rather than a hand across my stupid mouth, 

my hand that flies across the page tells its truth, 
the heart of me, 
the heart I wish I wore on my sleeve, but that never really seems to say, 
say what I mean.

And rather than you keeping record of all my wrongs, 

I'd like to write that story myself,
the way I do so now.
All is poetry,
All is true,
But I'd rather you not tell it.


MoriahEsther said...

very nice Bethany.  How much easier, simpler, nicer life was when Judy Blume was on the bedside, instead of heaps of paperwork and lists all gone wrong.  Keep writing.

Andrea Beltran said...

I agree with Moriah on the Judy Blume and your writing. :)

Bethany Suckrow said...

I'd really love to go back and read all those favorites of mine, wouldn't you? I think I read "Starring Sally J. Freeman as Herself" about a hundred times, but I haven't picked it up since I was probably 13. :)

Bethany Suckrow said...

Thanks, Andrea!! :)

Melissa said...

Love, love, love this poem!

And... I nominated you for a blog award: http://inspirationandroughdrafts.blogspot.com/2012/04/liebster-award.html

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