Position: Writer. Status: Filled!

No excuses. I haven't written in two weeks. I let myself get caught up in the ever-shifting winds of my life without bothering to stop and look around, contemplate and write. So here's an update, and a little insight.

I have a new job. And not just any job. Not a waiting job, or a serving job, or a retail job, or an I-hate-people job, or an I-want-to-hurt-myself job. I have a writing job. A job that I want and a job that I am good at. Can you read my relief? I'm not writing in bold print, but the words jump out at me nonetheless. A writing job!

I've been working at my alma mater as a writer/editor/social networker for over a year now, but only part time. Thus the waiting and the serving and the hating and the hurting, because those things often coincide with a paycheck when you're a recent college grad and young newly wed.

Anyway, I am relieved and overjoyed to say that I have been able to move on to something bigger and better. I work for a marketing company, Unicatis Marketing Group, to be exact. We specialize and helping companies revamp their marketing strategies to incorporate social media to reach their consumers. Sound fun? I would never consider myself a marketing enthusiast, but this is actually fun and interesting. And the idea of using social media to connect with consumers on a personal level both intrigues and excites me. And, being the word nerd that I am, the editing and the writing makes me even happier.

The whole transition has opened my eyes to the age that I live in. The age of social media and digitization and technology and connection. To not only bear witness to it, but to engage in it, examine it, understand it, is a privilege.

I think that the industry of writing, editing, and publishing is changing. Drastically. If you're yawning and mumbling, "Way ahead of you", it's okay. I know, I'm kind of a slow learner when it comes to this stuff. But hey, I'm catching up, here.

I also think that I just stepped into a new chapter of my life. Maybe, off a plateau and onto a new level. I'm still part time at my alma mater and part time at my new job, but between the two I am [almost] working full time hourly. As usual, I'm treading carefully but I can't help but be excited. Stick with me to keep tabs on how things are going, okay? I promise I won't keep you in the dark... at least not as long next time.


Bob Bittner said...

Congratulations on the new job, Bethany!

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