Write Your Own Story

Oh how I adore my dear co-worker, Kat. Always the design-savvy eye, she saw a notebook at Michael's the other day and knew I would love it. In the lower right-hand corner of the front cover was a small embossed graphic of a typewriter, with the words inscribed, 

"Write your own story." 

So she bought it for me! How sweet is that?

When she handed it to me, I was reminded once again of what an abundantly creative weekend I had. I had the whole glorious Saturday to myself! It was spent admiring the gorgeous sunshine and everything it touched, writing about it, and... painting it. Yes, painting. Haven't done that in ages, so I was both proud of myself and deeply comforted by the fact that I could do it... I haven't lost it - the need, the ability, or the delight I find in it.

Needless to say, the weekend was everything I needed it to be, including Sunday.

Here's my thought: the act of creating, whether it is writing, painting, music, dancing, or even cooking, is an act of dedication. You are dedicating your creative energy to the miraculous story that is your life.

So, I say, create your own story. 

Write your own story. Paint your own story. Sing your own story. Or as my very wise writing friend insisted: Dance your own story. Cook your own story.

Whatever it is you are good at, doing it is a testament to who you are at your core.

Dedicate. Document. Devote time to it. Delight in it.


Hollie Baker-Lutz said...

Love it. Two of my favoriets: dance your own story. And prepare a meal that tells your own story. I think cooking can be therapeutic and expressive in the same way as other arts.

Bethany said...

I say AMEN to that, dear writing partner! In, fact, I am adding it as a correction!!!

Hollie Baker-Lutz said...

Ha! I feel special. :) I'm sure there are countless others, too! Great post, Bethany.

LoveFeast Table said...

I love your post!! I love the idea of dedication to the creative!! How can you not?! Such a good point!! Creating makes a beautiful life story!
Thanks for sharing yours!! ~Chris Ann

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