It's just another one of those days when...

I wake up confused from a dream about another time and place in my life and it felt. so. real.

I oversleep.

I rush to get ready for work, walk out the door and I'm met with a torrential downpour.

I hit my head on the door as I scurry to climb inside the car and simultaneously spill coffee on myself.

I read things from people that reaffirm my belief that life is not fair.

I take a deep breath and attack my pile of to-do lists again.

I say a prayer of thanksgiving for my superhuman coworkers that make this office function.

I take a sip of my coffee and realize that my mug is half-full, not half-empty.

I look out the window and I'm reminded that downpours nourish the earth and everything in it, and by extension, me.

I remember that memories and dreams reaffirm the moments that mean the most to us.

I realize that even if I don't see a loved one's face, hearing their voice is a life-affirming, God-filled moment I have to look forward to every morning.

I think of everything on my plate and I'm reminded that if we're doing what we should, then a lot of our tasks have nothing to do with our own personal gain.

I notice the time, and go back to repeating my mantra...... This day will end eventually and another one will begin, and I'll stumble and hit my head and spill my coffee and get caught in the rain and get frustrated and realize that it's a good thing that life isn't fair, because that is why His grace is real.


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